We provide ADHD and learning disability assessments for children, teens and adults; career assessments for teens and adults; and workplace and medicolegal (IME) reports for adults. Sorry, we do not offer assessment for parenting, adoption, Ministry of Children and Families or child and family legal procedures.

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Dr. Stringer provides assessment reports for children and teens that are accepted by schools, colleges and universities for eligibility for accommodations and other supports. The process includes an interview, intelligence and achievement testing, and collecting information from parents and teachers to provide a full picture of strengths and limitations. She provides a detailed report at the end, with a feedback session and recommendations for supports and next steps for her clients.

Career counseling

Assessment and counseling is available for teens and adults who are interested in taking a more detailed look at their career path and make decisions in this regard. Career counseling is a three-session process. In the first session, an interview is completed about your school, work and volunteer experience, and what you have enjoyed and struggled with. The second session consists of completion of the Strong Interest Inventory, which matches your likes and dislikes in terms of career interests to a variety of different possible jobs and career paths. In the final hour, the interview information and test data are integrated and discussed to help you to decide on next steps in terms of schooling, volunteer work, job changes and other steps to a more fulfilling work life.

Rehabilitation services

Dr. Mallory and Dr. Stringer provide assessments addressing treatment needs, prognosis for return to work and plans for this process, and they also provide cognitive-behavioural therapy for suitable clients. Please see the Concerns page for more information on the disorders that can be treated by our staff. Common issues include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, workplace conflict, grief and loss, pain and chronic illness management, anger, and brain injury support. The Workplace Concerns tab on the side menu also provides more information in this regard.


For a more comprehensive approach, both Dr. Mallory and Dr. Stringer are able to perform independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for clients who are on disability leave, or who have a WorkSafe BC, WCAT, or ICBC legal case, and they provide professional opinions in this regard. Services include a detailed review of file information provided, an interview which lasts for two to four hours, plus psychological testing and the production of a full report. It is typical for such assessments to take 12 -20 hours to complete. 


Dr. Mallory, and Dr. Stringer can perform briefer, or more comprehensive, assessments to provide diagnoses of clients with any mental health concerns. For treatment or non-legal needs, the shorter assessment is recommended (described above in the section on Rehabilitation). For any formal legal or workplace concerns (for example, appeal of a WorkSafe BC decision, or a formal insurance company process), the longer medicolegal process is preferred.

Risk of reoffense

These are typically provided by Dr. Mallory for the provincial or federal governments, with offenders who are currently incarcerated or are awaiting sentencing. The purpose of the assessments is to assist in planning treatment while in prison, and/or to minimise the risk of reoffense if the individual is released into the community. Such assessments are lengthy and may take 30 to 50 hours or more to complete.