Please explore our social media pages -Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. On Facebook, we regularly put up brief posts on relevant topics, and links to good websites such as Anxiety BC. On Pinterest, you will find boards containing quick quotes and tips on a number of different concerns, including depression, chronic pain, and parenting. The Self-Care board on Pinterest may be useful, for example, if you want easy ideas to look after yourself and your family. 

Social Media Policy

To preserve your confidentiality and prevent any conflicts of interest, if you are a client, we will not "friend" you on Facebook, or connect with you on LinkedIn, and we encourage you not to "follow" any of our social media accounts. You might think it is fine now, but at some time in the future you may not want your name, or that of your family members, or any of your contact information connected with a therapy practice. There is unfortunately still a stigma around psychotherapy, and this policy is designed to keep everyone's best interests in mind.