Dr. Mallory provides counselling and assessment services for adult clients. Please see the Concerns page for a list of the specific issues that we can help with, Who We Help for the services we provide for different clients, and Our Team for more information about Dr. Mallory. The side menu on this page also provides information on treatment techniques and assessment services, among other topics. Please also feel free to call or email if you would like more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I know that this will work for me?

A. Everyone is different. However, when you feel comfortable with your therapist, and the right treatment approaches are used, there is a very good chance that you will see improvement. We have a great deal of experience helping their clients to develop trust and to feel comfortable with the process of counselling.

Q. What will happen during sessions?

A. In the first session, the reasons that you have decided to come for counselling will be discussed, as well as background information and setting of some initial goals. In subsequent sessions, the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that continue to be problematic will be discussed. Ways to cope better, feel better and deal with problems more effectively over the long-term will be addressed, and your goals will continue to be reviewed and changed as needed over time.

Q. How long are sessions?

A. Most sessions with individuals are 50 minutes long. For assessment, sessions can be 1-3 hours, depending on the type of assessment. 

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. That depends on the issue. Dr. Mallory will be happy to discuss the number of sessions that may be expected for the goals that you have, and ways to make treatment as efficient and effective as possible.

Q. I'm interested in an assessment. What can I expect?

A. That depends on the purpose of the assessment, but generally these involve an interview, testing of some kind, possibly talking to those who know you with your consent, and a final report. The Assessment page has more detailed information on this.

Q. I'm worried that people I know might find out about what I talk about. Can that happen? 

A. Your confidentiality is very important to us. We are bound by the ethical codes of psychologists and counsellors, which require us to maintain strict practices to ensure that your information is never shared with others without your permission, except under rare and very specific circumstances (for example, when ordered by a court). We will discuss confidentiality and our ethical practices with you so that you can make the most informed decision possible, both at the beginning of therapy and at any time in the future that it is necessary. On the side menu, the Confidentiality and Ethics tab has some more information. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about this and any other aspects of our work.

Q. What are your fees, and are they covered by MSP or other insurance? 

A. Psychological services are not covered by the provincial Medical Services Plan. Psychologist Rachel Mallory charges $190 per 50-minute session. Psychologists are covered by most extended health plans. Just check your benefits package. ICBC may pay for sessions if you have been in a car accident. Rachel is a service provider for the RCMP, Veterans Affairs, and Canadian Armed Forces clients. You may also be able to claim costs on your tax return. Please see the Appointments page for more detailed information on this.

Q. What if I need services that you don't provide?

A. We are happy to provide referrals to other resources and community services. The Useful Links tab on the side menu also has some good information on this.