On this page you will find information about the people that we help, and some of the methods that we use. The Concerns page has a list of specific problems that we work with, and What We Do has some FAQs about counseling in general and our services specifically. If you want to know more about Dr. Mallory, please look at Our Team.  Finally, the side menu has some more detailed information on topics such as the therapy techniques that we use, assessments that we can provide, and useful links and resources.

Children and teens: NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 

Children and teenagers understand and process things differently than adults do. When they have bad experiences, or have problems coping, it can be difficult for the adults in their lives to help them. Our trained child and teen therapist has years of experience working with these problems and can help your children, you, and your family to cope better and to develop effective plans to move towards health. Some specific child issues that we work with include anxiety, depression, trauma, eating concerns, coping, tantrums, sibling difficulties, and parenting problems. 


When your relationship is in trouble, it can affect many aspects of your life. Sometimes couples can get stuck in difficult patterns; at other times, events such as the arrival of a child, or trying to cope with a challenge such as a move or job loss, can create problems in a marriage. In couples therapy, partners work with the therapist individually and together on their concerns, so that they can rediscover their love and friendship for one another. Learning how to communicate, how to be close, and how to deal with conflict are just a few of the issues that we can help you with. Some couples may also decide to come in because they need help working towards amicable separations, including parenting concerns and decision-making during this very difficult time.


Problems can come in many different forms and may reflect a temporary time of loss and struggle, or more longstanding issues. We can help with a wide variety of difficulties for adults at any stage of life. Whether you have anxiety, depression, physical health concerns and pain, if you have experienced a loss or trauma, or you have relationship concerns, we can work with you to help you to develop better solutions for your difficulties.

Rehabilitation services:

Dr. Mallory works in the area of rehabilitation psychology, providing assessment and therapy services to clients on short-term and long-term disability. They work with rehabilitation consultants and case managers from Great-West Life, Manulife, Sun Life, and private rehabilitation organizations. They provide cognitive behaviour therapy that is focused on improving functioning, as well as making recommendations for other services, in order to maximise the potential of a sustainable return to the workplace. The Workplace Concerns tab in the side menu also provides more information. 

Assessment services:

Dr. Mallory can also provide assessments for adults who have workplace issues such as being on long-term disability leave, as well as diagnostic, and medicolegal assessments for insurance companies and lawyers. Sorry, we do not provide any Ministry of Children and Families, adoption, parenting or family assessment services. Please see the Assessment Services tab in the side menu for more information.